Our Story

Greetings fellow dog lovers! On behalf of our family, thank you for visiting our website. We are a small scale, family owned and operated doggy day camp and boarding facility in Mission Viejo, California. The heart and soul of our service concept came from our own experience with boarding and day camping our own dogs, who like each and every one of you, we call family. If you've day camped or boarded your pooch in the past, you probably had the same experience as ours. Most facilities we've used have 40, even 100 dogs at a time and we often wondered how they keep their places clean with only a couple of staff. Simple, they spend most of their time cleaning their facilities leaving less time for their guests, our dogs. This, and many other issues, left us frustrated (and missed many vacations as we just stayed with our pups instead). But it also made us dream that one day, we will have a place where dogs are treated the way every dog parent wants them to be treated. We wanted a place that was small and intimate, a place where every dog can feel at home and at the same time meet new friends and play endlessly. A place where we as forever pup parents get the peace of mind that our beloved dogs are safe, happy, and well taken cared of by qualified and compassionate people who give them all the attention and affection they need. Because no matter what breed, how small or big, or how old they are, they will always and forever be our beloved "puppies".

​We wish we can take our dogs any place we go, but finding a place where they are treated as family is a great alternative. And here we are, fulfilling that dream, and looking forward to meeting and loving your Forever Puppy.
We dedicate this dream come true to the loves of our life, our own forever puppies, Trish and Carrie.

Looking forward to Loving Your Forever Pup Like You Do!

~ Carlo & Lyn Medina


Get In Touch

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24002 Via Fabricante, Suite 402
Mission Viejo, CA 92691​




​SATURDAYS: 9am-5pm

SUNDAYS/NATIONAL HOLIDAYS: Overnight guests only and strictly by confirmed appointments. Drop Off and Pick Up hours are from 8am-10am and 3pm-5pm. Please email us for more info.